News Organizations in Northeast Ohio Consider Collaboration…and Your Suggestions

By George Rodrigue, Plain Dealer FROM THE EDITOR | 11/17/2019

Imagine that you wanted to cover the most important story in our community as deeply and creatively as you possibly could. Imagine that you had the resources of a dozen newsrooms at your disposal, from newspapers to radio to television.

What would you want to cover, and how? That’s not just a hypothetical question, and we’d love to hear your answer.

More than a dozen news organizations in northeast Ohio, including our own, are considering creation of a collaborative news organization. Together, the members of this news collaborative would take on maybe one topic for up to a year, aimed at finding solutions to persistent problems.

We’ve discussed a wide range of potential issues, from public safety to public housing. We’ve talked about the risks of gentrification, and the hazards of continued decay in our cities. The need for better social services, and the risks of higher taxes. The need to reduce infant mortality rates, and the need to improve quality of care for senior citizens.

But, mostly, we’ve talked about our need to stay closer to the people we serve. So, one of the first steps we’re taking is to ask what matters most to you, because we realize that you may have ideas we haven’t even thought of.

So, what’s on your mind? What are you most concerned about? What do you worry about, or hope to go better, in your life here in northeast Ohio? If you’d like to help advise us, please fill out the brief survey at Or drop us a note at PO Box 6161, Cleveland, OH, 44101, or

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